Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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Thursday, October 8, 2015


Hello to all!
     I will start by introducing myself. I am Donna Carver and I am very new to the Blogging thing but, I want to expand my horizons, so to speak and I hope to learn more about what people are thinking and talking about.
     I've been a homemaker and mother most of my life. I've worked in a variety of professions, including nursing.  In 1994, I married a man who drove a semi-truck, and I got a real education when I crawled into the truck with him. I wrote a funny and interesting book about the trucking industry and the wild trucker’s CB radio slang. From the passenger seat of a 'sure enough store bought large car', stylin and profilin', checking out the 'seat covers', shaking the 'bushes for bears', I got the ride of my life. The book is called: Truckin' Up! and I hope you will check it out. I've included half off coupons for the book on my website: